NEB Energy Branch – mainly specialised in energy saving
Goal: to offer energy analysis aimed at erection of new plants with selling plant turnkey or at energy retrofitting for already existing plants of industrial activities.
Potential clients: energy-consuming businesses .
NEB Contract Branch - specialised in construction works
Goal: to offer turnkey realisation of any kind of commission from ordinary keeping to emergency maintenance of any suitable action in the process of energy retrofitting or maintenance of industrial activities.
Potential clients: from the needs of small firms to bigger works.
NEB Consulting and Services Branch
Goal: to offer the opportunity of managing the costs of energy, gas, telephone and insurance bills in order to point out the different opportunities and to redefine relationships also by legal recourse (where possible CoReCom).
Potential clients: from small firms to bigger companies.
NEB Retail Branch - energy saving consulting
Goal: to offer an ample scope of solutions, as photovoltaic systems to solar heating, energy-efficient heat pumps for air conditioning, LED lighting, solar light films etc.
Potential clients: from privates to small firms.