It is recommended that all measures be put in place, in order to minimise energy consumption. Even if all improvements are essentially positive, they need to be ranked according to the economic impact on the different utility. For the same users we might have different choices, the way that a pool in a sport centre (in use all year long) provides a different context than a pool in a villa (only used for a few months in the summer). Works which in the first case are repaid in 2 years, in the other might be in 20, making it a useless investment. 
This is why it is fundamental to analyse beforehand:
  • the concrete consumption of energy (gas/electricity/fuel etc..) and its time trend
  • short-term developments (new machinery, variation in the number of occupants) if known
  • restrictions for certifications, authorisations, financing etc. if present
  • the customer’s ideal ranking of importance
  • preference on payments
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